Sunday, September 27, 2015

Every once in awhile

Being a military family you get used to friends leaving and yet with new technology and social media like Facebook it is easy to keep in touch so it never actually seems like a farewell.

I have met some amazing people at this posting. Some friends that I would call my best friends and some people who have so positively affected my life here I will never forget them. Some are even such good friends that I would even consider them family.  When I was sick a few months ago with mastitis I had some amazing friends who really dropped everything and helped my family beyond anything I could have ever imagined.  Those friends have a special place in my heart and their generosity and kindness will never be forgotten!

Being a military family you get used to doing things for yourself, you get used to husbands being away and just being able to manage the household.

I always am particular about making sure that my children are not inconveniencing someone else or even bothering other people.  Again, being military I know I am capable of doing it on my own so sometimes it doesn't even cross my mind to ask for help.

My idea on this has changed recently because of a dear person that I have had the pleasure of calling a friend at this posting.  Before this point, people would always offer to come over for a visit or maybe coffee but I never wanted my kids to bother them or for them to feel like they had to but a sweet person has changed my thoughts on this.

She too is a military wife. Her three children are grown and gone now.  When she first offered to come see the babies I was a little scared because honestly 2 infants (5 children total) can be a lot even for the most kindhearted person.  I thought that someone from a quiet house that is not littered with toys might not enjoy the chaos of a busy home with kids and yet she caused me to pause and reexamine this thinking.

Over many coffees and baby holding moments we shared some of the best stories.  I loved hearing about her own experiences raising her children in the military.  Grace and kindness seems to emit from her.  We talked about the struggles of raising military children as well as the joys. She talked and guided me about ways to make relocation easier on the children and how sometimes you have to be their biggest advocate.  We talked about cultural adjustments and language barriers.  We talked about when it is important to step in as a mom and when it is sometimes helpful to watch vigilantly from the sidelines.  The love that she has for her children just permeates from her and even though they are grown she is their biggest supporter.  We laughed about funny things she did with her children when they were young and about the memories that were created along the many postings.

As she held my little girls I could see nothing but kindness and love on her face.  She cuddled them and talked to them and even read many stories to Josh. Despite not having had young children in many years, she really enjoyed being around my little ones.  This was really my AHA moment. It never really occurred to me to really look at this from another persons point of view.  One day, just how much will I miss all this baby time and how much I will appreciate someone inviting me over to cuddle their little ones!

This person who I may not have ever invited over because I was scared to inconvenience them has forever changed my life.  I will always be grateful for her help, appreciative of her friendship and humbled by her kindness.  I will think of her the first time I buy my girls tea cups and laugh when I have to polish the silverware.  I hope life continues to bring good things to her and her family because they certainly deserve it.  When my children are grown and gone I hope I look back at the whole experience with the same amount of love that she portrays regarding her children's youth and upbringing.

I will miss this person dearly but know she is just a Facebook message away.  Most of all I am proud to be able call her my friend!

I am so thankful for all the great friendships I have made along this crazy thing called life and I hope to one day make as big of an impact on someone else that this person made on me!

So as you go through your day, take a moment and stop to enjoy your coffee and the friends around you. You never know when these people could forever change you :)

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