Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Sneaking in a family hike

A typical evening is usually quite busy with activities such as sporting events and homework.  The last few weeks have been quite rainy and some of the gloomy fall days have started.  The daylight is starting to get shorter and the crispness in the morning air reminds us that winter is just around the corner.  On Monday evening however, clear skies and bright sun were calling us. We left the dirty dishes on the counter, forgot about all chores and things we had planned to do and went out together for a fantastic family hike.  It only took about 10 minutes to drive to the starting point and the hike itself was super easy for the kiddos.  We walked for about an hour total but loved running and playing in the leaves and enjoying the gorgeous views.


Look at the size of the leaves!!

Our goal is to cast normal life aside a few more times this season to create some great memories and enjoy the beautiful Alaskan fall!

For our Alaska friends with kids this is Thunderbird Falls. So close and such a nice easy family hike!

Emma found it so relaxing she couldn't even keep her eyes open!

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