Friday, March 20, 2015

Reading Time

Everyone in our house enjoys reading.  Books are scattered throughout the house and everyone seems to have a book they can't put down.  Something I've recently noticed is that the girls are read to a lot!  During their awake time I will read them a few stories but they are also present while I read to Joshua as well.  They get to listen to all his stories (and some are read twenty times a day over and over) as well as their own during the day.  They are usually nearby for the boys bedtime routine so they listen to the family read aloud. On top of that, the big boys have started to ask for the girls to come and read with each of them in their bed before lights out.  Right before bedtime you can often find a girl or two cuddled up to their big brother listening to whatever interests the boys at the moment.  So last night as I tucked Joshua into bed I came back to pick up Emma from Mathew's room and found the two reading the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series. 

This was the scene at story time this morning.  I had been reading a few books to Josh and the girls were playing on their blanket and listening.  When I went to get a glass of water, I came back to find Joshua reading to the babies. 

Of course he insisted on reading his favorite book to them as well - A Very Hungry Caterpillar!

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  1. BEAUTIFUL, I sure do miss all of you!
    Love Grandma & Grandpa