Thursday, March 12, 2015

Cleaning Help

I have to be honest, our house is never spotless.  It's never dirty but things are not always put back in the exact spot.  With 5 children 7 and under, completely tidy 100% of the time is not something I even try to accomplish.  The to-do list grows faster than we can check items off of it but that's okay; we just keep plugging away.  The older boys have certain little chores that they help us with; like putting the stuff in the recycling bin, tidying their rooms and picking up toys etc...  Yesterday they both asked to do an extra chore.  I got Mathew to wipe down and dust all the windowsills and light switches and Zach did the same for the baseboards.  So as I was tidying along with the bigger boys, Josh was chasing behind us to help.  If only I could bottle up his enthusiasm.  He would help clean all day if I let him.  He has his own little cleaning set with a broom, mop, dustpan and this is the most used toy in our house! Every single day he pretends to clean with them.  His new favorite cleaning chore is washing dishes.  There are ALWAYS baby bottles on our counter.  No matter how often you wash, the sterilizer isn't even done with them and magically there are more to be cleaned.  Most often, some are usually soaking, ready to be washed so Joshua has taken it upon himself to wash the never ending pile of bottles.  His routine, he pulls a chair over, stands at the counter and grabs the bottle brush and pretends to swish and scrub at them like crazy.  It's incredibly cute!  a flood ends up on him and the floor every time but he has a blast and water clean up is fast and technically it's soapy water that's washing the floor too right :) ?  The bottles aren't technically washed when he is done but my way of thinking is that with all that swishing and splashing, they have had a good soak and are ready for us to clean :)

It may not be the best help but in the words of Bachman Turner Overdrive "I took what I could get"

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  1. Joshua is a pleasant, helpful cutie all the time. Is he still fetching all the bottles and diapers to feed the little ones? Miss you so much Joshie��