Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Perfect pumpkin

One of our favorite yearly family outings is to the pumpkin patch to pick out the perfect pumpkins!  This year we went out on thanksgiving weekend with my sister and her husband.  The pumpkin patch is always a great time but this year with the weather being so warm that weekend we went to the pumpkin patch in short sleeves.....can you imagine....most years we have sweatshirts, coats and even hats and mitts.

The pumpkin patch does not only entail the pumpkins, it's all about the atmosphere.  There's animals and corn mazes and tractor rides and snacks :)

We loaded on the tractor to head out to the fields.  With two boys the tractor ride is definitely a highlight. 
After just a few short minutes the fields come into sight.  It's amazing and so surreal seeing all the pumpkins in the fields.

Once we arrive at the fields we definitely do some serious pumpkin inspecting. It's important to inspect all the pumpkins to make sure everyone gets the one they think is perfect.

Jason and Zach trying to decide if these are the ones they want.

Dan thinks he may have found the two he wants.
Matie and Mommy with our pick!

We search high and low to make sure we don't overlook the perfect pumpkin.  I swear Dan hiked miles searching! 

Marshmallow roasting is always a nice little treat too.  Mathew prefers the barely warmed, non browned marshmallow.

 Dan on the other hand got a little over zealous......I believe his marshmallow was still on fire at this point...hahaha  Matie pointed out that his marshmallow looked way to hot to eat :)

A little hike through the woods and a quick tire swing ride was enjoyed before heading back to the tractor.

I love the look of excitement on Zach's face as he boarded the tractor with his special pumpkin.
Mathew was quite excited to have found his very own pumpkin.

The corn maze was a little trickier this year then in the past.  We had a great time going in circles trying to navigate the maze.
And they are off!

We were in there so long that we had a chance to even stop for pictures hahaha!

It was so fun watching the boys running and having a great time trying to navigate us.

The final stop of the outing was selecting the perfect giant pumpkins from the huge pile.  Shannon and Jason were waist deep searching for the biggest ones they could find.  Zach wanted they biggest pumpkin we could find. 

We love carving the pumpkins as well and we will probably do that this weekend.  We have way more pumpkins then we need but I'm sure we will have a great time and make more memories carving them together!

Here's a look back at the year's past at the pumpkin patch!

Here are a few from last year......

And here are a few from the year before.......
Wow we have enjoyed it through all the years of toddlerhood!

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