Saturday, October 15, 2011

Birthday Party Preparations

As many of my friends know, I love having gatherings, I love the preparation and I love how it all comes together and you have a group of friends together just having a great time!  The twins birthday party is of course no exception.  For weeks they have been talking about their upcoming "dinosaur" party including the upcoming visit from the lizards and snakes.  The boys really wanted a dinosaur to come to their party but the closest we could get was a lizard (woohoo score finding something they thought was a type of dinosaur).  One thing I love about this age is that they still find all this stuff so cool and get so excited over it. 

The night before the party (two days ahead I make the cakes if I'm really ahead of the game.....but this time it was the night before :)  )  the most important thing to do is make the cakes.

For about two weeks before the party I start talking about cakes with the boys and let them browse our cake/cupcake decorating books so they can pick out the cake that they want.  This year was the first year they didn't pick the same cake....which means .....two cakes!

The boys are always excited to help.  They take their turns stirring....

But I think the reason they really like to help is so they can lick the spoon when we are done!!

For some reason on this evening they thought the others spoon would taste different then their they decided to share!

Zachy's cake required green smarties....and it took me 5 boxes to get enough green!  Oh well guess we will have to eat the rest :)

After the boys go to bed I decorate the cakes so that when they wake up it is a surprise.

Here is Zachary's orange dinosaur with green spots just as he requested!

Mathew requested a blue race car so that is what he got!

He told us that it was him driving this car!

The boys were both ecstatic when they got up and couldn't wait to show their friends their cakes at their party!

The boys helped decorate the house the morning of the party and while they took their nap we put up the finishing touches to surprise them.

The balloons were hung!

The whoopie cushions were on the chairs...I mean who has a party without whoopie cushions right??  Mattie thought that would be the perfect gift for his friends .....who was I to argue...I will say there sure was a lot of laughing when they kids realized what the whoppie cushions do :)

The snacks were washed, prepared and the dinosaurs were taking watch!

The boys helped me stuff the loot bags and set the table.  All the other decorations were up and the boys were anxious for their guests to arrive!

 Oh and the night before we made the thank you cards....that we still have to hand out!

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