Thursday, July 23, 2015

Stricking it rich

While my parents were visiting we went to Fairbanks to check it out.  I was surprised that it was actually quite a big city. By that I mean there is a Costco hahaha.   Our favorite tour while we were there was at Gold Dredge 8.  You embark on a little train and they tour you through the history of the pipeline here in Alaska as well as dredging/panning for gold.

I found it quite interesting that the dredge was actually shipped up here in parts and re-assembled en-route in Seattle to make sure all the parts were there hahaha.  They talked about the weather conditions the workers worked in.  One person's job was to stand outside in the middle of the winter (so -40F) and pound a metal bar down into the about a tough job (I don't think I would last more then 20 minutes outside in those temperatures).

I was a little worried taking the baby girls on the outing because we had not taken them on a tour thing before and once you get on the train you have to stick it out for the whole ride there and back.  Thankfully it went great phewff!!

Josh was there too....just on the bench beside me and you can't see him.  Don't worry we counted and made sure they were all on the train hahaha 

At the end of the little train ride you get off and they give you a pouch that you get to sift with for gold.  The kids (and us adults as well) loved it.  Many laughs were had trying to pan for gold.

Once you have your little flakes you line up to get hot chocolate/cookies and for them to weigh your gold and tell you how much you panned that day:

Grand Total:
Jason     $ 67.00
Stacey   $ 11.00
Mathew $ 24.00
Zachary $ 12.00
Joshua   $ 18.00
Sarah     $ 18.00
Emma    $ 39.00

Grandma $ 22.00
Papa        $ 11.00

We struck it rich gold panning that day!!

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