Monday, July 20, 2015

Bear Paw Festival

I know I am so sporadic with my blogging lately but it's just so nice out that I can't resist going out and exploring. I will have time to blog more eventually; for now I keep a list of all the things I want to blog about.  It's kind of like the house to do list. It just keeps getting bigger and bigger but it's nice to get things done!

A few weekends ago was our towns Bear Paw festival.  I have to admit, for a small town festival it's quite good!  Last year we participated in lots of the events but this year we decided to just watch the parade and take the kids to the carnival rides.

On Thursday evening we took all five kids to the carnival and was it ever fun.  They all took turns riding/watching each other ride.  They played a few games and conquered a few new adventures like riding the ferris wheel.


Joshua was sick on Friday and so was Sarah so we didn't attend any events.  On Saturday morning Sarah still wasn't up to par so Jason stayed home with the two girls and I took the three boys to the parade.

They loved it.  The floats are all homemade, a big portion of the town walks in the parade and it has a very small town feeling that we absolutely love.  They cheer along with the walkers and receive tons of candy (like more than Halloween).  We even received things like pieces of pizza, bottles of water and age appropriate books for each child. That's right - a parade that hands out books!

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