Saturday, March 1, 2014

Book Date

I haven't been feeling well lately so we have been kinda laying low.  The boys and I ventured out to Barnes and Noble to browse the books and get some cookies for a treat today.  We spend a good 45 minutes looking at different books that the boys can now read on their own.  They are moving up to starting chapter books that they read independently which is new for us.  So we had to first find some that were of interest to them and then see if they were at the right reading level.  I love how they are as into books as I am.  We have tonnes of chapter books we have read to them in the last year or two but I feel nothing an easy way to inspire someone to want to read is by going to the store and letting choose the perfect book for themself.  We even bought Josh the pout pout fish book in a board book. 

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