Thursday, June 9, 2011

Party Time again!

Well last friday the girls from work came over for a baby shower and a wedding shower (they were for two separate people hahaha).  It turned out to be sooo much fun.  Lot's of laughs!  It's nice to see people outside  of work!
 I absolutely love having gatherings.  I love using special dishes, food prep and just the overall decorations and personalizations.  I decided to include special homemade presents this time.  I spent many hours making a quilt as the wedding shower gift.  I love how the colours turned out and love how all the different patterns tied together.

I used the same material on the back but decided to add a little extra pattern to it so the quilt can easily be used both ways.  The intention was for this quilt to be used outside on a deck that overlooks the lake.  All the colours and patterns just make me so happy that I thought it would be the perfect thing to warm someone up to watch the sunset!

Next I made a tutu.  Having two boys I have never made anything like this before and can't believe how nice it turned out.  It was exactly as I had envisoned it.  I made it with an elastic with button holes so that it can easily be adjusted to fit the new baby girl as she grows. 

I decorated martini glasses again with pink punch because I loved how they turned out last time!  The punch was a hit again!  Maybe next party I will try a new colour of punch, ribbon and rimmer !

I had trouble coming up with prizes for the party...then thought of this.  I painted flower pots and put rub on stickers on them that all had baby girl sayings.

Everyone got to take one home with them.  The intention was that every time they looked at it this summer they would think of the new baby girl :)

I had a great time and can't wait until my next gathering!

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