Saturday, June 11, 2011

The circus again!!

This week ANOTHER circus came to town.  Crazy, we don't have any for years and then two in one year!  Jason was in town for this one so we decided to take the kids again.  This one was the shrinner's circus and let me tell you it was way way way cheaper for tickets.  We had a coupon for buy one ticket get one free and kids 3 and under are $20 dollars for our whole family to go woohoo!  The acts were not as extravagant as the other circus but the clowns had the kids laughing at all their acts.
Cotton candy AGAIN!!  I think Zach loves the circus just for the food!

Last circus we offered them to go on the camels or the elephants but there was no interest at all.  This time the lines were much shorter and Mathew asked to go.  So up he went all by himself......Zach wanted nothing to do with it! 

A picture of Mathew waiting his turn to ride the elephant!

 They sure packed them on tight for his ride.
Mathew is third from the front.  Zachary loved waving at him and kept yelling "mommy take his picture."  Zachary says next time he thinks he will try :) 

My favorite part of the circus.  The giant elephants just make me smile and I'm happy the kids get to put the size of the elephants into perspective.

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