Thursday, April 21, 2016

Moments that melt your heart

I was just responding to  a message a friend had send me about how quickly the first year goes by for kids.  Contemplating my response, I realized that it honestly doesn't seem to slow down.  Some days are long but the years just keep slipping by.  I still vividly remember the big boys being a year old and toddling around.  I have enjoyed every stage so far with the kids but I am in awe of how quickly they keep flying by.  As we have more kids, I think that the years keep passing through the stages for each of them even quicker.  I think it might just be that you realize the second, third or fourth time through a stage that it is just that, a stage.  A stage that will soon be over so you might as well jump into the moment and enjoy because you can't have a do-over.  So today, a normal everyday type of day, I realized just how many times my heart melts with little ones around as I just enjoy the moments.  I am lucky in that every day, I am able to enjoy little moments that honestly are priceless.

Here are just a few pictures from today that make me smile and make my heart feel just happy to see my little ones.

Sister Cuddling

This boy loves his sandbox

Emma busting a gut laughing!  


  1. Four weeks to go before I get to love, squeeze and kiss these little dolls.😍

  2. So true, and imagine so much faster with multiple children. Have you read the poem The Last Time? Made me bawl my eyes out but also made me stop and soak up any of those heart melting moments that come my way.