Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Twin Bond

People often ask how much work is involved with twins.  I can honestly say it's more then double the work of having one.  When you have one and you feed them every three hours you get 2.5 hours of not feeding.  With twins they could eat at the same time, back to back timings or completely opposite schedules....so you are lucky if you get more then 1.5 hours between feeding one.  You have two times as much of everything else for each stage which just makes the work load seem like more.  Take my word for it....going from 10-12 infant diapers changes a day to 20-24 seems like more than double as well hahaha.  After having gone through the infant and toddler stage with the older twins though I can honestly say that it does get much much easier around the age of 3.5ish.  The 1-2ish stage where they kind of run in their own direction is just physically tiring as you chase them but around 3.5ish they play together ALL the time.  It's fantastic actually.  We met another father of 14 year old twins this weekend and we got talking about twins and he said they only had the two boys but if he could have been guaranteed to have another set of twins they would have had more because it's amazing to see the relationship they have with each other.  This is something that Jason and I have mentioned often.....after seeing the older ones go through the stages together it's amazing to see the type of bond twins really have.  They are more than best friends.  They have someone that is interested in very similar things as themselves and they laugh and giggle about the same things.  With the girls starting to interact with each other it's amazing to see the bond starting with them as well.  It melts your heart when you look down into the stroller and these two itty bitty girls hold hands with each other as they start to explore the world!


  1. They are adorable so enjoy now because unfortunately they do become teenagers and unless their hormones are in sync.....