Sunday, November 2, 2014

A string of Ghosts

I have to admit it, I might be addicted to things on pinterest.  In my defense, I am a mommy who loves to do fun activities and crafts with the kids so pinterest just makes it super easy sometimes.  Back in August I was browsing some fall activities to do with the kids and came across milk jug jack o' lanterns.  You need tonnes of gallon milk jugs to do this activity. With three kids we go through a gallon of milk at least every two days so we started saving in September and had many extras we didn't use! 

Jason and the boys drew the faces on all the jugs with permanent marker while I kept josh away from the table as there were permanent markers out hahahaha.  It took them about an hour to draw and color in all the faces but they had a great time doing it.

The original directions called for tealights or glow sticks to go inside.  I couldn't fathom me being home alone with tealights in all those lanterns and the wind picking up and blowing them and me then chasing half melted milk jugs so we tried glow sticks but it didn't give the look we were going for.  We were going to go with battery powered tealights but decided a white strand of Christmas lights would give the exact look we wanted.  Jason cut wholes in both sides of the milk jugs and him and Zachary threaded the strand of Christmas lights though. 

In the daylight it looked ok.....but once it started to get dark it was perfect!

I love when something so little turns out to be so much fun to make and actually works!

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