Friday, July 11, 2014


We are now 14 weeks pregnant with another set of twins.  That's right....I was probably as shocked as everyone else when we found out.  For a few months we had been debating whether or not to have one more.  The older twins have each other and are closer then you could imagine. We thought one more close in age to Joshua would be a great idea.  While we vacationed in Hawaii, we realized that Jason and I together could totally handle one more to travel with.  We went in to our first appointment with the doctor and they performed a routine was the nurse practitioner performing the ultrasound.....she was super chatty before the test started but as soon as the ultrasound began, she was dead silent.  I was really worried and asked "Is everything alright?"  She replied "Ummm.....yes" in a not so convincing tone....silence again.....seemed like 20 minutes (probably 1 minute in reality) I asked "Is there one?".....she replied "ummm.....I don't think so".  At that moment I think I had a heart attack.  Jason was as cool as a cucumber this time around and meanwhile I panicked as she checked how many babies there actually were!  After another eternity she finally said "well it looks like another set of twins".  To my shock Jason answered "Twins....oh we can do twins no problem" while I was too shocked to even speak.  So I guess little Josh is going to become the epitamy of a middle child....a little singleton sandwiched between two sets of twins!  The new set of twins are actually due on Joshua's second birthday.  I'm sure they won't arrive on the due date as twins usually arrive early (our first set 3 weeks early), but it would be pretty cool to have 5 kids with only 2 birthdays!  So the thought of twins again has settled in and we have gotten used to the idea but I must admit that three kids under two is incredibly daunting! Ugghhh three kids in diapers hahahaha!

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