Wednesday, August 31, 2011

We are back!

So where have we may think we are crazy but our little family of four decided that we would brave a road trip together for our summer vacation.  The entire trip lasted just over two weeks and we travelled through 14 states....spent over 50 hours in the car together....and this is what most will find shocking....had an absolutely fantastic time.  We saw some absolutely amazing spots, explored some fantastic cities and created more memories in a two week span then we ever thought was possible.
There's soo much to tell that I will break it down into several posts but at least I'll start with a little bit today.
We arrived late the first night at my sister’s house.  Instead of driving straight down we decided to make a few stops along the way.  We enjoyed a nice picnic along the shores in Huntsville.  I know it’s not very far from home and yet it is something we haven’t done before so added it to our things to see list. 

You can tell he is having fun!

Rocks!! Who doesn't love rocks!

Our next stop was at costco for some books and of course chapters for our travel guide.  We always use travel guides and enjoy reading about the next sites to see the night before in our hotel room.  I know ...I know....we probably should have bought it before the trip but hey life got busy so enroute was our first time to actually be able to get to a bookstore that actually carried it.

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